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The third Saturday in April means one thing: The 10th annual Record Store Day, where vinyl junkies and discerning collectors (as well as the inevitable POS eBay “flippers”) converge upon the nation’s remaining record stores to feed their turntables and hearts with exclusive collectable releases. If you’re deliberating over trading your external hard drive for a room filled with tangible objects, RSD is a decent day for starting your collection and acquiring a taste for cat food after you’ve blown your budget. What follows are a list of some of the artifacts AP contributors are lining up for this weekend: Check out all of the titles being offered (along with participating retailers) at

“Stabitha Christie”/ “First High Of The Morning”
Label: Total Treble Music
Format: seven-inch Picture Disc
Pressing run: 4,000

One can only begin to imagine what these two new “record day release” specials represent, and I can say that I’m super-stoked to find out. Both titles evoke emotions I think all of us have felt at some point or another. The artwork itself is one to be interpreted and definitely will be a conversation piece amongst fellow vinyl collectors. P.S., Against Me! are performing at the APMAs, so you probably should get tickets.—Joe Scarpelli, CFO/GM

Any diehard fan would be smart to pick up these B-sides from their latest album Shape Shift With Me, because as a Record Store Day exclusive, it's the only chance to get them!—Taylor Liff, Merchandise Assistant


Get Born
Label: Sony Legacy
Format: double seven-inch pack
Pressing run: 4,000

The remastered tracks on these seven-inches are making their vinyl debut, and are some of the most unique songs in the Alice In Chains discography. Two of the tracks (“What The Hell Have I,” “A Little Bitter”) were featured on the 1993 film Last Action Hero starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and were the first to feature bassist Mike Inez. The other two (“Get Born Again,” “Died”) are perhaps even more special, as they were the final songs the band  recorded before original vocalist and grunge icon Layne Staley passed away. This is truly a must-have for any die-hard Alice In Chains fan.—Nikhail Gogia, News Writer


MTV Unplugged
Label: Hopeless
Format: LP
Pressing run: 1,300

For a long time in high school, All Time Low’s MTV Unplugged was my go-to—I would watch it on my iPod Touch in class, on the bus and after (during) homework. Years later and Record Store Day is bringing this scene staple from my youth to an LP, allowing frontman Alex Gaskarth’s raw, stripped-down vocals to finally escape from my shitty earphones to the sound space between my apartment walls.—Caitlyn Ralph, Digital Assistant/Head News Writer


Waking The Fallen
Label: Hopeless
Format: double picture disc LP
Pressing run: 1,300

A7X’s seminal album Waking The Fallen is getting a one-time, very limited pressing on a double LP picture disc. If you’re able to get your hands on this, you’ll have a very rare collector’s item that millions of fans worldwide will not. Not to mention, Waking The Fallen is Avenged Sevenfold’s most kick-ass record, with some absolute classics such as “Chapter Four” and “Unholy Confessions."—Nikhail Gogia


Slow Heart
Label: Vagrant
Format: seven-inch
Pressing run: 1,000

Last year, Balance And Composure debuted their latest effort, Light We Made, leaving behind thrashing riffs and howling vocals for a cleaner, more hypnotizing sound. This release features two new tracks—“Run From Me” and “Body Language”—that didn't make it onto last year’s LP because they didn't quite fit the vibe, and you definitely need to hear them.—Rabab Al-Sharif, Digital Content Editor


Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles '74)
Label: Parlophone
Format: Triple LP set
Pressing run: 5,000 U.S. (17,000 worldwide)

We'll let David Bowie's official website explain why this September 1974 concert—which occurred on the cusp of The 'Philly' Dogs Tour, an era when Bowie started exploring American soul music—is so crucial. "All of the multi-track tapes were finally reunited in one place in November of last year," the site writes, "and mixed officially for the first time by long-time Bowie collaborator Tony Visconti."—Annie Zaleski, Contributing Writer


Label: Party Smasher/Cooking Vinyl
Format: seven-inch, white vinyl single
Pressing run: 2,000

The last crunching communique from America's most dangerous, post-everything metal avatars features instrumental versions of two tracks from their farewell album, Dissociation. The A-side is the original-length version of the title track (which was edited for the LP) minus Greg Puciato's stentorian roar, while the "Me On Monday" remix of "Fugue" simply squeezes out sparks.—Jason Pettigrew, Editor In Chief


Into The Cave We Wander
Label: Warner Bros.
Format: 12-inch picture disc
Pressing run: 4,800

There’s really no description needed for this other than “new music from Gerard Way,” yet I’ll go further. The former My Chemical Romance mastermind, championed solo artist and successful comic book creator is combining his obvious passions for a very special Record Store Day release. Here, Way has orchestrated two new tracks to narrate his DC Comics imprint, Young Animal. “Into The Cave We Wander” and “Poggy’s Cavern” accompany a 40-page comic with art from Young Animal titles, so you can both listen to and view Mr. Way’s brilliance all in one sitting.—Caitlyn Ralph


Little Mess EP
Label: Canvasback
Format: 12-inch vinyl
Pressing run: 2,700

If you couldn’t get enough of Grouplove’s latest album, Big Mess, you’re in luck. While four songs sadly couldn’t make it onto the original release, they’re here now for your enjoyment, along with a live rendition of “Enlighten Me.”—Skye McEowen, Editorial Intern


76-'79 Singles Box
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.
Format: 7-inch box set
Pressing run: 6,500

It's hard to pick a favorite Ramones single, which is why this box set gives you some of their best, including "Blitzkrieg Bop,” "I Wanna Be Sedated" and "Rock 'N' Roll High School." Packaged in a "unique cigarette-style outer box, with an insert and in an individually foil-stamped numbered global edition of 6,500," this box set is rad both inside and out.—Jordan Toney, News Writer


The Gold Star/Cherokee Sessions
Label: Thornbury
Format: 12-inch red vinyl
Pressing run: 3,000

This LP contains previously unreleased tracks from 1975 by the all-female punk sensations. These recordings are from before the Runaways became a known name in rock, with the lineup at the time consisting of Joan Jett, Sandy West and Micki Steele. This is a limited pressing with only 3,000 copies available. Each copy is a standard weight, 12-inch red vinyl pressing that comes with a download card.—Taylor Markarian, Freelance Contributor


Anarchy In The UK: The UK & US Singles
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.
Format: Five seven-inch vinyl box set
Pressing run: 5,000

For all the punk rockers who weren't around in '77, Rhino is reissuing the Sex Pistols' original singles from Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols in a fancy vinyl box set. Have your filthy lucre handy for these authentic re-pressings of "Anarchy In The U.K.," "God Save The Queen," "Pretty Vacant" (both UK and US versions), and "Holidays In The Sun"—plus their accompanying B-sides—on 7-inch wax.—Philip Trapp, Metal/Hard Rock News Writer


“Back In Your Head”
Label: Warner Bros.
Format: seven-inch Vinyl
Pressing run: 2,700

This Record Store Day release is a magical one for fans of both girl power and indie rock. The side-by-side versions of Tegan And Sara’s 2007 song “Back In Your Head” make it an irresistible release. Plus, we’re excited to see how the Regrettes put their own punky twist on the Quin sisters’ absorbing track.—Maggie Dickman, News Writer


Sea Change
Label: Vagrant
Format: seven-inch vinyl
Pressing run: 2,500

Thrice released their unexpected comeback album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere this year, and if upon hearing it you hoped it would never end, then you are in luck. This exclusive single includes the new track "Sea Change," a B-side from the To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere sessions and a live acoustic version of the atmospheric powerhouse "Black Honey."—Rabab Al-Sharif


Live At KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
Label: Glassnote
Format: 12-inch vinyl
Pressing run: 3,000

If you haven’t dipped your toes in British indie-pop waters, do so this Record Store Day. Two Door Cinema Club are three talented Brits making some of the catchiest damn tunes around. For this exclusive release, Two Door hopped across the pond to Los Angeles’ KCRW 89.9FM studios and recorded eight tracks on the station’s Morning Becomes Eclectic show. The set spanned their early material (the everlasting “What You Know”) to their newest album, Gameshow, which arrived in October of last year.—Caitlyn Ralph


The Wombats Proudly Present… This Modern Glitch
Label: Bright Antenna
Format: LP
Pressing run: 500

The Wombats’ This Modern Glitch sparkles with perfection. Every song maintains an immaculate chorus and crisp melodies, but each has a unique signature, sneaking into your brain waves and spinning on repeat. You can oblige this Record Store Day by scoring This Modern Glitch on LP before the mere 500 copies sell out.—Caitlyn Ralph